Welcome to Sprouting Radiance!

Sprouting Radiance is a place for me to share my recipes, workouts, and explore my own journey of self love and whole body wellness.  It’s my hope that it could also serve as an inspiration for anyone who may feel stuck and who is looking to become their own best friend and health advocate.

As a future holistic nutritionist, it is no surprise that I believe in a holistic approach when it comes to our health.  When we pay equal attention to nourishing our body, mind, and spirit, we see our health and mood improve.  We bring ourselves closer to our true self and what we would like to accomplish in life.

You can expect to read one to two new blog posts a week.

On Mondays I share a post about my ingredient of the month, which focuses on a different nutritious pantry staple every new month.  Included is the ingredient’s nutritional break-down, how you can cook it or use it in your next meal, and a fair share of healthy (and some slightly naughty) recipes.  In every original recipe I create I also include cooking tips and nutritional advice related to the recipe.  I want you to feel more confident cooking in the kitchen and making well-informed decisions for your overall health and well-being.

On Fridays I round up my favorite articles, recipes, interviews, and products from the world of whole body wellness.  Things that I have come across during the week that really rocked my socks and thought that you, my readers, would like to know about.

Other posts include guest interviews, workouts, and general topics regarding food and self growth and love.

Meet Mary

Hi there!  I’m Mary.  Though American, I have been living abroad throughout Europe since 2011.  Today I am living in Hamburg, Germany with my French husband and our son Benoit.  I will start studying holistic nutrition in the beginning of 2018.  My goal is to teach nutrition and cooking classes and share what I am so passionate about; helping others find what works for their own unique body and to feel their best through good food, good movement, and some good self love.

I believe…

…in eating whole foods over processed.  Supporting local business and farmers.  Eating seasonal and organic produce as much as possible.

…in talking to yourself the way you would to your best friend.  Knowing your self worth and what you deserve. Following your own intuition over what you are told you should do.  Allowing yourself  a good scream, kick, and complaint every once in awhile as long as it’s followed by the thought, “now what can I do so this situation doesn’t happen again?

…in listening to your body.  Not comparing your body or life to anyone else’s.  Praising your body for all that it is capable of helping you do.

I ‘d love to hear from you!

Don’t be shy! Send me an email at sproutingradiance @ gmail.com.  I’m always interested in collaborations or working with companies that share with my passion for healthy food and living.

You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.