Whole Body Wellness

“the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, a healthy body and living environment, joyful relationships, and happiness.” Basically, one’s wellness is their overall well-being – the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

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Hi there!  I’m Mary.  I live in the rainy city of Hamburg, Germany, with my husband Adam and our son Benoit.  We are an American/French family who have made our way from Germany to Ireland to France and back to Germany all within the past six years.

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Caring for our whole body

Sprouting Radiance is where I share my journey of whole body wellness.  My deep passion for real food and exercise, and choosing to love yourself as you are.

SELF-LOVE.  The relationship you have with yourself.  How you talk to yourself.  Caring for yourself. Accepting yourself, faults and all.  When you shine, others do too.

HEALTHY FOOD. Eating in a way that brings your body and mind nourishment.

MOVEMENT.  Being kind to your body.  Discovering how it moves, it’s strengths, it’s


Want to know more about me?

I graduated from University with a degree in piano performance.  Though I no longer teach, I still enjoy listening to Classical music and playing the piano when I can!

I’ve loved playing sports from a young age, especially tennis and soccer.  In my 20s I got into running and so far I’ve ran three marathons, though now I’m sticking to 10k’s and maybe one day a half marathon again.

Total LOTR and Seinfeld fan.

My family eats what would be classified as a mainly vegan diet.  Most of my recipes reflect this diet, although there may occasionally be a good cheese mixed in.  (My husband is French and I am from the Dairy State, after all).

Adam and I met in our German class in Berlin, and got married in France three years later.

Once someone who avoided the kitchen at all costs, I now could spend hours cooking, reading about food and cooking, and talking about cooking!

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If you’d like to get in touch, please shoot me an email at sproutingradiance@gmail.com.  You can also see what I’m up to on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Check out my husband Adam’s Instagram account here.