Weekly Wellness No. 2

A melange of wellness articles, people, events, food, and things that inspired me this week.

This year is the year I work on my finances (better add it to my 2018 intentions).  So when I heard of the KaKeibo book, I added it to my amazon wish list.  Set-up a bit like the envelope method, this Japanese financial journal seems simple yet effective.

I ordered the Practice You Journal as an early birthday present to myself.  After looking through the gorgeous artwork by author and artist Elena Brower, (the photo is one excerpt) I almost don’t want to write in it.  Almost.

Candice Kumai is a Japanese-American wellness writer, plant-based chef, and cookbook author.  I came across her profile on Instagram this week and fell in love with her style and health philosophy.  Here’s her recipe for a clean green smoothie!

When I lived in France I fell in love with not only the food but also the atmosphere surrounding it – the conversation, the fresh food, the company – they all make the meal and let me tell you, the meal can last a long time in France.  Read more about the importance of taking time to eat in the company of others and two other happiness-related cultural rituals.

A secret wish of mine-not that I currently have the time, but still-would be to host monthly dinner parties based upon fresh, local food and good company.  Sometimes I google my secret wishes, which is how I came across Secret Suppers, a collaboration of two female foodie entrepreneurs who are living a (now not-so-secret) dream of mine!


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