Weekly wellness No. 1

A melange of wellness articles, people, events, food, and things that inspired me this week.

I don’t know much about the moon cycle.  But I’ve been a long-time follower of Mystic Mamma on Instagram and this calendar of hers caught my eye.

The Good Food Cooking Club just started this month: sign up to cook a winter brunch and share it with other partakes in a virtual brunch.

I love love love reading about other people’s routines and getting a glimpse into the life of strong women and entrepreneurs.  So thank you, Golubka Kitchen, for your self care interviews.  The latest is on Lauren Haynes, the founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs.

Hygge – is this concept still being instagrammed?  Either way, if you haven’t yet read up on the Danish concept of staying comfy during the cold winter months, Yoga Journal has your back with this article that they published last February.  I’m all for it!

Yogurt is one of my go-to snacks, but sometimes it can tend to get a bit, well, monotonous.  That is, if you don’t know what to pair it with.  Cue Bon Appetit’s Healthyish article about upgrading your plain ol’ bowl of yogurt.


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