Intentions for 2018

I arrived a little late to the 2018 intentions party, though truth be told I’ve been thinking about my own for the past couple of weeks and have just made the time to now write them down.

Last year (like every year) I made a list of goals and resolutions.  But by the time February rolled around, I had forgotten about them already.  2017 was a time of transition for my family and I, what with moving to another country then another city in that new country, and I never really found a solid routine (that is except for my morning routine)

To combat putting my intentions and goals aside, this year I wrote them down on note cards and put them where they are easily accessible and I can glance at them whenever I need reminder or motivation.

When thinking about the new year, I asked myself a couple of questions:

It is the end of 2018. How have I grown?


It is the end of 2018.  What have I accomplished?

After answering these questions, I had a better idea of what I wanted to cultivate in my life.  I found myself drawn to the process of using words to represent what I want more of in my year.  Three words came to mind, and they are FAITH, LOVE, and PATIENCE.


Intention: Continue to strengthen my faith in God/the universe and myself.

How? Daily prayer, meditation, and affirmations.

I’ve realized the main thing that has been holding me back over the past year is fear.  Fear of success, fear of failing, fear or criticism, fear of death, fear of not being good enough, fear of being seen, even fear of not being seen.  When we harbor fear in our hearts it becomes much easier to start comparing ourselves to others, becoming jealous of others, and judging others.  In 2017 I vowed I would do all that I can to not live in this way.   Whenever I started feeling afraid, I turned to my faith in God, my faith in the universe, my faith in myself and others, and trusting that everything is being taken care of for me.  I stopped trying to control my own life and turned it over to God.  This was the biggest turning point in my journey to self-healing, and I want to continue to give it a large portion of my attention this year.


Intention: Love myself, love others.

How?  Demonstrate love for myself through affirmations, positive self talk, and self care practices.  For myself and others through acts of love – not just saying but doing.

When we love ourselves things just work.” -Louise Hay

Amen to that.


Intention: Practice patientience with myself and with others.  Do not jump to conclusions, and be more considerate and understanding.

How? Practice breathwork-Taking deep breaths when I notice myself becoming impatient or agitated.  Remembering that I am not always in the right and showing

Besides my three intentions, I also have some physical/material goals:

Read three books a month.  One self-growth, one nutrition, one fiction/non-fiction.

Dedicate enough time for my holistic nutrition studies.

Keep my home organized and clean (a self-love practice)

Join a women’s sports team (there’s a netball team in Hamburg!)

Practice piano 2-3x/month (through a piano room rental)

Drink 2-3 liters of water per day (another self love + care practice)

Continue my BBG workouts 3x/week

Offer a nutrition + cooking class

Attend at least 3 concerts or operas

Get dressed/take care of my appearance – even if I am staying inside almost the whole day.


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