my morning routine

I have always found comfort in the solitude of the early morning hours.  It is when I feel most focused and can get my best work done.  It brings structure and focus to my day.  As a mother, it provides me with the ME time I need, and I’ve come to view it as my most meaningful acts of self care.

My morning routine is greatly influenced by the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  In his book, Hal talks about waking up one hour early to fit in six important activities, each 10 minutes long, to aid in your self growth .  Since I started modeling my routine off of his book more than a year ago, I’ve come to see the positive changes in my mood compared to when I choose to sleep in and skip my routine.

For this post I’ve teamed up with seven other wellness bloggers to share with you our own morning routines.  Make sure to check out their sites and read about their morning routines below!

My Morning Routine

Normally I like to wake up at 5:30am.  I keep my alarm (my phone) outside my room so that I need to get up out of bed to get it, giving me a better chance from not hitting the snooze button.  When I wake up I make a point of not checking my phone for any emails or notifications, and turn it off or keep it outside of my kitchen (where I do my routine) until after my routine is done.  I used to keep it on the kitchen table next to me and found it to be a distraction, so now I keep it outside of the kitchen or make sure I turn it off.

After getting out of bed, I try to make a point of saying something nice to myself in the mirror.  An affirmation such as, I love and respect myself, or I am a strong, beautiful person.  We are forever having an internal dialogue with ourselves in our mind, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  By choosing to create positive affirmations, or dialogue that is positive, encouraging, complimentary to ourselves, we are writing our own story and choosing how we wish to view ourselves and the world.

When I get into the kitchen (where I do my routine), I drink a large glass of water to get my digestive system going.  Sometimes I may make a hot water with lemon and ACV, maybe even add in some ginger if I’m feeling under the weather.  I then start my morning pages, something that I picked up from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.  I will journal for about 30 minutes, getting down whatever is on my mind until I reach about 3 pages.  Doing this opens up an honest conversation with myself in how I’m feeling.  It also helps alleviate any anxiety I may be feeling in the morning.

After journaling I get onto my yoga mat and do some stretches.  I don’t do the exact thing every day and instead make sure I’m checking in with my body, listening to how I feel.  That said, I usually will always start with the yoga pose cat cow, and include extended child pose, down dog, lunges, and some heart openers.

After I feel like my body is warmed up, I sit cross-legged and focus on my breath.  5 seconds of deep breathe in, 5 seconds of deep breathe out.  To be honest I find meditating very difficult for myself – all the more reason to practice, I know.  This is something I am starting to really focus on, as the benefits of meditation and breathe work are numerous, from reducing stress to increasing your concentration.

I like to include some reading, about ten minutes of a self-growth book.  Currently I’m reading this one.  I then pray and either say or write down what I am feeling grateful for.  I’ll then take out my organizer and review what I have going on for the day and write down any notes I may have.

Now this may all sound like a lot, but I can fit it all in within 1 to 1 1/2 hours, finishing around 6:30/7am which is usually when my son wakes up.  I like to eat my breakfast and get ready for the day when my son Benoit wakes up.  For breakfast I’ll usually eat a homemade muesli (oats with add-ins like chia and pumpkin seeds, fruit, etc.).  Once in a great while I may drink coffee, but normally I stay away from caffeine as it can make me jittery and my skin breaks out.  Instead I prefer to drink an herbal tea or just stick with my hot water with lemon and ginger.

Since starting my morning routine a little more than a year ago, I have switched up what my routine consists of probably more than 10 times.  At one point I liked exercising in the early hours and made it a large priority of my routine; at another point I wanted to use the time to get some extra work done.  Just as we as humans grow and evolve, so can our routine to reflect this.

Even if you are not a morning person, I encourage you to design your own personalized routine and give it time to reap its benefits.  Maybe my routine has given you some ideas, and if you’re searching for more check out the book The Miracle Morning and give these routines below a read:

Gabby of Simply Balanced G

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Susan of Gleam Wellness

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