Use today to work on your goals

With the new year quickly approaching, I’ve started thinking about what I would like my 2018 to look like. I’ve always been a goal setter, but sometimes I find myself waiting for the “perfect time” to begin said goal. Next year, next month, even next week-as long as it’s not today. I recently did this with starting my new workout program and restarting the book The Artist’s Way. I had them both down on my new year list. It seemed perfect-start each of these 12-week programs on January 1! A week later while looking at my list I had a small say wha?! moment and thought, why am I waiting? If I were to start both of these programs now, I’d be so much farther along than if I waited another two months! So despite the ideal timing of new year’s resolutions around the corner, I started them at that moment (which was about a month ago). And now that I’m kicking ass and really enjoying them, I’m asking myself what I was really waiting for.

Often times we think that there needs to be a perfect time or environment to begin but in reality there will never be any perfect time because perfect does not exist. Even if we were to wait until our planned-out perfect moment, our mind might still find an excuse to as why that time is no longer perfect and then we find ourselves waiting even longer to begin. Or worse, we never begin.

See past the illusion of the right moment and start that next project, sign up for that class, start forgiving who you need to forgive. Use today to get you to where you want to be.

Take a moment to think about some goals you intend on setting in the new year, or think about something you’ve been putting off doing. Could you start any of these things right now?  Ask yourself why you are choosing to wait, or why you are putting it off.

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