The first week of my elimination diet

Week One of my Elimination Diet (and meal prep!)

A few weeks ago I started looking into doing an elimination diet to see if it could help solve the issues of my fatigue and acne.  I started this past Monday, after making sure I meal prepped, etc.   Here’s how my first week went:

My Elimination Diet, Days 1-7:

Well, pretty much easier than I had thought it was going to be!

This was largely due to my meal prepping, which prevented me from making any slips and reaching for something that was easy to do, like throw a pizza in the oven or a PB sandwich.

The most difficult part so far is definitely the no sugar part.  No gluten, no dairy, no soy, okay, fine-I can deal with that.  But no sugar!?  I hadn’t really noticed before, but by the time my son’s afternoon nap rolls by I’ve developed the naughty habit of raiding my pantry for anything sweet and plopping down on the couch.  This week I was actually getting kind of pissed that I couldn’t.  So I reached for my other snacks I had prepared, which were a healthy breakfast cookie and hummus.  My husband made some energy bites, which were a little bit sweeter, and I ate both of mine on Thursday when my sugar craving was at it’s highest yet.

Also, it’s pretty ridiculous how many products sugar can be in at the grocery store.  I slipped up a few times and ate some things that contained some raw cane sugar in it, like a curry sauce, some coconut crackers, and some vegan mayo.  Oops.  I’ll know better for next week.

Last but not least, the minor complaint of having to check the labels on everything at the store for no sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten.  That took some extra time and I almost threw my hands up in the air at one point and decided to give in right then and there.

Really the main reason this week was so successful (meaning I pretty much stuck to eating only what I could AND it wasn’t at all bad) was the meal prep.  I’ve tried to cut out gluten or sugar before, and it just didn’t work because I hadn’t really prepared for it properly.

My meals this week were mainly salads and buddha bowls from the veggies that I had prepped.  If I wanted gluten free grains and beans with any of my veggies then I would just soak them the night before or the morning of and cook them right before eating.  Easy peasy!  Here’s a quick run-down of some of what I ate in pictures:

(starting at the top left corner, going across each row)

  1. Breakfast bars, recipe based off of Rachel Mansfield
  2. Cauliflower pizza crust with my cooked veggies, recipe from Nutrition Stripped
  3. Sweet Potato Curry
  4. Breakfast smoothie bowl with half sweet potato, half raspberry
  5. Afternoon snack of peaches, figs, and puffed amaranth with almond butter on top of coconut crackers
  6. breakfast smoothie of blackberries and frozen cauliflower
  7. Green Goddess pasta salad
  8. Buddha bowl
  9. Morning gluten-free oats topped with fruit and turmeric and ginger

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