How I’m preparing for my elimination diet

Preparing for my first elimination diet

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If you’re not yet familiarized with what an elimination diet is and why one does it, read my post all about it here!

If you are already familiarized, please continue 😉

So I did not sign up for any sort of cleanse program, meaning I have done my own research on the matter.  I do not recommend that for everyone though!  I take responsibility for only my own body, and so if you think you should see a physician before embarking on a similar elimination diet or following a program, please do!

These are just the steps that I did to prepare, and are of course still helpful if you do decide to do a program.

How I prepared for my elimination diet:

  1. Research.  Before doing this I read a lot about other people’s experiences and advice.  I looked up tons of info and did my research on various programs.  I looked through probably two dozen blogs or websites, and here are the ones I found most helpful to me (in no particular order):
    1. lee from america’s blog, mainly this page and this killer recipe.
    2. cut it out blog 
    3. clean program’s support page. This one too.
    4. jessica stopard’s blog
  2. I determined what I will eliminate from my diet, and for how long I wanted to do this for.  For example, the Clean Program’s elimination diet is for 21 days and you drink two smoothies per day, one in the morning and one at night.  Lunch is a healthy meal and I believe light snacks are allowed.  I chose to tailor the diet to what I knew would be workable for me, which is one smoothie a day (usually in the morning for breakfast), and two healthy meals for lunch and dinner.  Snacking is of course okay!
  3. I looked at my calendar and chose a date to start!  I realized it would be ideal to choose a time when we are not on vacation or will be going out a lot.  I also thought about this for a couple of weeks-I did not decide in one day I wanted to do this and then bam boom bing start tomorrow.
  4. I made a list of all the foods that I COULD eat.  I found that focusing on the can, not the can’t, made things much easier!  Then I made a grocery list and got to it!
  5. When I got home and started unpacking my groceries, I designated a pantry cupboard for all my cleanse food.  The food that I COULD eat.  I then shoved the rest of my food in another cupboard.  Better yet would be the neighbor’s place.  Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Meal plan like a boss.  I planned out the whole week, making it very specific and writing down every meal so that I wouldn’t have that ‘what should I have for dinner’ situation, get confused, and stray from the cleanse.
  7. Meal prep.  I took my meal plan and prepped out all of the ingredients for the first week so that they were waiting for me when I opened the fridge or cupboard.  This makes things SO much easier.  I continued meal prepping for the remaining days I had left, though
  8. Last but not least, a food journal!  I designated a notebook to write all my meal plans, and journaled what I ended up eating and how I felt every day.  This was such a helpful tool for me to look back on and gauge my symptoms!

There you have it! My eight steps I took to prepare myself for an elimination diet.  Remember I am no doctor so if you think it’s best to see a physician before starting something like this, please do!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your body and do what’s best for you. 

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