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My favorite plant-based bloggers and cookbooks


A carrot cake.

That is the first recipe I made that I can remember myself feeling so proud of.  It was from the blog Love and Lemons.  It was one of my first real ventures in the kitchen, and I was making it for a potluck at a local cafe when we were living in France.  Everyone had the option of either bring a couple of euros or their own dessert to contribute.  The cafe was making the rest.  I love potlucks, and I love entertaining.    Making this cake was a big step for me, not just because it was a more difficult recipe for me at the time, but because I would be sharing it with people-others would be tasting my dish and giving me feedback.

With a whipped coconut frosting and a soft carroty inside, the other potluck attendees went crazy over it!  It wasn’t the fact that the recipe was my own that had me feeling so high and mighty (because, as I had said, it wasn’t), but that I actually had the courage to make something, and bring it to a dinner for others to taste! And, it actually tasted good. Better than good.  Heavenly.

That’s right, me, woman who once thought frosting consisted of butter and flour, had made a heavenly tasting cake.

BUT…..this post is not supposed to be about the cake.

It’s about the the time around that I had made said heavenly cake.

At that time, I was becoming ever so obssessed with looking at and discovering new food blogs and reading cookbooks.  I was so new to the whole plant-based food scene, and I could (and, um, did) spend hours bookmarking different sites and recipes.

Now I don’t want to take away any of the magic it is to discover a new favorite food blogger (much like discovering a new favorite song or band), but in case you don’t have time to search the internet for your new favorite blog or recipe, here are some of my favorite bloggers and cookbooks that could very well become your new favorites.  Enjoy!

My favorite cookbooks (in no particular order):

I’ve made note of my favorite recipes, as well as marked in parentheses if I thought the cookbook is early or intermediate, early being “look at these first if you have no experience” (like me when I first started out!), intermediate being “I pretty much know my way around the kitchen and am looking for a wider variety of recipes”.

One Part Plant by Jessica Murnane (beginner)

First off, if you haven’t heard of Jessica’s podcast One Part Podcast, do yourself an enormous favor and go listen.  It’s my favorite podcast.  Ever.  Jessica released her first cookbook this past year.  Her mission is to get you to eat just one plant-based meal per day.  Jessica suffered from endometriosis, and eating more plants in her diet helped heal her.  Her cookbook provides easy plant-based recipes for the beginning plant-based home cook.

The First Mess by Laura Wright (intermediate)

I just bought this book and am loving it so far.  Laura has a beautiful blog, and her cookbook is no different.  I have only cooked one dish in it so far (eggplant bacon), so I’ll tell you which ones I’m looking forward to cooking:  caramelized onion potato salad, eggplant “bolognese” pasta, and cauliflower and pine nut “ricotta” toasts.

Vegan Goodness by Jessica Prescott (beginner)

Jessica has a beautiful instagram and blog, both of which I follow.  I won her book from a contest a couple months back (yay! Still stoked about that) and have been able to try a few recipes since, not to mention the ones I have made on her blog.  My favorites: corn fritters, crispy cauliflower tacos (on her blog), and spring roll salad.

The Plantpower Way (intermediate)

Adam got this book for Christmas a few years back, and one month I decided to make about twenty of the recipes (so I know this cookbook pretty well).  I like this cookbook for the wealth of information and amazing pictures of the Rolls and their home and food, though it would definitely not be the first book I’d buy.  My favorite recipes:

My New Roots (early/intermediate)

This book is one of my top three I’d have to say, and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book that came out this year!  If you’re not familiar with Sarah’s website, definitely give it a look and really, just go out and buy this book.  Or her new one.  Or both.  My favorite recipes:

The Oh She Glows Cookbook (early)

Another classic.  If you’re totally new to the plant-based world, I would start with this one.  She just came out with a new one as well which I’m still waiting to get my hands on, so I can’t officially comment on the level of it, but whatever the level I’m sure it’s great.  My favorite recipes:

Yum Universe by Heather Crosby (early)

If you’re looking for information why and how to eat a plant-based diet as well as an array of recipes, this is the book to turn to.  Favorite recipes: Buffalo roasted cauliflower, Banana Pancakes, and creamy broccoli and red pepper macaroni.  She also has a new cookbook out this year!

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen by Richa Hingle (intermediate)

If you like Indian food, this is the cookbook to get.  I am pretty much obsessed with this book and her blog (which has more than just Indian food, by the way).  My favorite recipes are the Spicy South Indian Tofu Scramble, Royal Tofu and Cashews, and Tofu in Spinach Curry.

At home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin (intermediate-advanced)

I love, love, love this cookbook.  The binding has broke, if that shows how much I’ve used it.  It was one of my first cookbooks I bought myself, however the recipes for me at that time were just a wee bit above my level.  I’d recommend having a little experience before diving in.  Her desserts are simply amazing (I like to call her the Queen of Tarts, both sweet and savory) and it’s really hard to narrow down my favorite to just three but here goes: herbed black quinoa muffins, squash blossom orecchiette, and coconut curry with tamarind tempeh and forbidden black rice.

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page

This one isn’t really a cookbook, but a matching of flavors that gives great inspiration for when you’re wondering what you could make with an eggplant (for example).  Another book I’d hold off on buying until you find yourself more independent in the kitchen.

My favorite food blogs and Instagram accounts to follow:

*if not purely plant-based then they include many plant-based recipes


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  1. Is there a way to link the blogs to your list so they are easy to click on? And pics/visuals from the cookbooks or blogs? Perhaps not necessary but easier on the eyes/more fun to scroll through perhaps


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